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Along with my projects for school girls and young women in Kenya, I have, with help from family and friend, managed to help elsewhere too!

New toilet and bath house

When I’m in Soweto, I spend a lot of time with Bonface's grandmother. She is a wonderful woman who always takes care of everyone especially all the grandchildren. She has 7 of them living with her right now. She is heavily troubled by arthritis and had a lot of challenges using the old toilet. Additionally, they never had a place to wash themselves in privacy, so with help of family and friends we donate a real toilet with a bathhouse, new beds and a make-over in the grandchildren’s room.

New beds and make over in the grandchildren’s room


In the bed above, 4 children slept on an old mattress with urine stains. One slept on an old sofa without cushions. One slept on a couch in the grandmother's house and the smallest in her bed.


Now the old bed has got a new bottom and mattress and they got a bunk bed that is 120 cm at the bottom and 90 at the top (the smallest one still sleeps with the grandmother). They also got a "carpet" and cushions on the sofa and mosquito net to protect them from malaria.

Renovation of a toilet house with 10 pit toilets


This toilet house is used by about 200 people in Soweto. The roof was gone and most of the doors were rotted away.

The whole house was cleaned up and plastered and painted. There was added new roof and doors. Stairs were made and the sewer, or more correctly the hole, under the house was emptied with a suction vehicle.


Sponsorship of education

Gerard is currently engaged as a trainee as an electrician. An education sponsored by the Danish company Toft Installation. They have, besides the education, overwhelmed him with tools and an iPhone so that he can send pictures to them.

Gerard grew up in Soweto slum. He would never have had the opportunity of getting an education.

Well for orphanage


Bethsida Childrens Home is one of the local NGOs I work closely with. Here the girls have to walk long distances to get water. Toft Installation has donated money for digging of a well, making life a little easier for the girls.

February 2022

Packing of container doneted by Genbrug til Syd to Soweto Youth Initiative

The items are for using in projects under Soweto Youth Initiative to improve life for the whole community in Soweto slum. Opening of a preschool for children that can’t afford to pay school fee and uniforms. Enhancing vocational training to empowering young mothers, school dropout and people with disability, providing them with skills and knowledge to ensure their future and providing sustainable livelihood in the community. To provide Kahawa Health clinic better and more efficient equipment.