Soweto Youth Initiative

Is our most important partner.
This is the organization witch Bonface carry out his works from. Without Bonface's help, it would not be possible for Moja to carry out our work to help schoolgirls across Kenya.

The NGO is located in Soweto Slum 15 km outside Nairobi and led by Georg Owiso

Their biggest concern is the children, teenagers and young mothers. But they also try to help the disabled and the elderly with food and chores.

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UNDER Lea's Trust

Is a organization founded by a former vulenteer in Soweto Youth Initiative. Lea are from Germany and decided to continue supporting the children in the slum by finding sponsors from all over the world to support childrens education to give them a better future.

So fare there is more than 260 sponsers.

Do you also like to help a child to go to school you can read more by clicking here:

Mayians Design

Located 2 hours drive from Nairobi, near the city Ngon in a deserted Maasai area. Led by Lydia Naishorua.

They try to help women to a better life by by teaching them old traditional pearl work, which they buy and sell on.

They have various projects which mainly deal with girls and educate theme about early marriage, sexeducation and FGM (female circumcision)

Lydia is Maasai herself and she is the one who always accompanies us when we are out teaching about the consequences of FGM and donating reusable sanitary towels

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Organization is located in Mtwapa just 30 min. outside Mombasa and is led by William. This organization is a regular part of our program when we are in Mombasa donating reusable sanitary towels.

They have programme like:

Education through Listening 

Family Social Nutrition

Read For Change - Girl Empowerment


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